Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Laser night in Mackinaw

Mullett Lake early in the morning. One of the largest inland lakes

Topinabee train station repurposed as a library. Darwin sits outside of it

Pretty butterfly weed. Should have used the good camera

Sunset over Mackinaw City Should have been on the beach for this

My purchase late at night
Hotter still despite going ever further north. Much of this day's ride (one week ago now) was along Mullett Lake. My friend took to the roads as those narrow tires were a hindrance on the trail, though she could fly on pavement. After a while, I took to the roads myself as the same effort to go 10 mph on gravel translated into 14 mph on pavement. Given the heat, I went for the path of least resistance. I rode for a while with a couple of older dudes, one was a UM alumni from Palmyra NY where the golden tablets were allegedly found and then lost (how could Joseph Smith misplace these?!?). He was at one point, the managing editor for Parade magazine infamous in our family for its puff piece on my ex-brother-in-law, the habitual liar.

 This stretch, I had ridden twice before so I knew to stop in Cheboygan (though I still managed to make a wrong turn!!!) for an excellent coffee and pastry shop, raspberry chocolate scone and a large iced latte. Temp outside reaching high 80s, temp inside 60. We riders were hesitant to leave. On top of this, my friend developed bronchitis tiring her further. It just became hotter and hotter going to Mackinaw. First time they ever had a heat advisory for 100 degree heat indices. We had the great Northern treat, pasties downtown at Cunningham's. Rutabagas, another vegetable I don't like. To me, it has a musty, dirt taste but fortunately the chicken ones did not contain this. Also fresh, homemade cherry pie.

The recreation complex we set up at had good air conditioning inside. While my friend went for a walk downtown, she rented a room as she didn't feel like tenting while ill and with the 100 degree heat index.
She fell asleep exhausted early. Mackinaw City stays open late in the summer. I did some shopping buying the dress above, a cute top and yet more decorations for my crowded patio ( I was missing the Ann Arbor Art Fair again).

Then on to the Laser Light show downtown. Lots of eager tourists, including my fellow riders from the complex a mile away were in attendance. Well it was amusing with lots of green lights lighting up the surrounding trees. Kids were impressed.

In the middle of the night above the constant roar of the overworked air conditioning, I heard what sounded to be dumpsters dropped from high. It was a huge storm. Would my tent and most of our belongings survive? Stay tuned.
Riders basking in the cool
Some riders ate at The Yeck outside of Cheybogan featuring fried pizza
Cairns dotting the Lake Huron coast 8 miles south of MC

Color changing fountain of the motel where I spent time sitting catching up on Facebook while my friend recovered

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