Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hanging with the Amish

Boy Scouts on the trail to feed us

Salisbury Viaduct: 2000 feet long

View below

Amish market next to our campsite

Lunch stop atop a steep hill

Love the rockers. Small one for $100 Brough Amish jam home on the front pack

Secret Amish photo
Day 4: Confluence (elev 1332) to Meyersdale (elev 1988) 31 miles. Most of the elev gain in the first 21 miles to Rockwood
Skipped the road option going over PA's highest mountain (Mt Davis at 3213) which was recommended for only 'strong riders' And I am weak. Plus steep hills and rain are not a good mix.

Most of the day, I was trying to outrun the rain, which I did. I was safely under the Amish Market shelter when the downpour began. My morning companion was a chirpy WV vet. She was a very good rider and had come with her husband. He however looked like he couldn't even walk a mile must less ride. He some how talked them into letting him ride only the last ten flatter miles. But it was fun riding  with her. The uphill miles went by fast. Main topic of conversation: setting limits for adult children which we both struggled with.

We took a break at the tent where cute cub scouts set up a rest stop for us. I stopped for coffee and peach-rhubarb pie in a converted Opera House in Rockwood (Opera...really?)

Right before the Salisbury Viaduct, there was a peacock farm, which I could hear from quite a distance. I stopped at the top of the Meyersdale hill at a not good sandwich shop that sold thin sandwiches for $7. This was the only place I felt that bikers were being taken advantage of. At the Amish market, I could have had a big bowl of chicken noodle soup for $1.25. Instead I bought various goodies that I needed like a hole in the head. They were very good and inexpensive. I brought some home for Steve along with several interesting jams. Who bikes with a load of jam on their bike?
We had a Meyersdale welcoming tent complete with goodie bags containing maple sugar candies (they are the maple capital of PA, who knew?), toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, ice cream coupon, potato chips, and my favorite: a coupon for a free video if we rent one (very useful on a bike ride). They also had an enthusiastic young singer on stage providing entertainment. As it was pouring outside, sitting under the Amish shelter seemed like a good idea. I met up with my vet friends (she had left Rockwood earlier than me to try to catch her husband.

Dinner this time was an easy walk and tasty vegetable lasagna. And free beer! After the shower truck...time for bed

.I'm on the far left with a blue shirt 6 rows up

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