Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hair and chickens

bantam roosters

hens of different colors  The little one, who I think is the prettiest, is a bantam hen The hens kept trying to escape me
My hairdresser keeps chickens. She offered to escort me to my car with a broom as the roosters can attack but I had to laugh when I found her flock as her roosters are bantams i.e. smallest chicken possible. Her other hens are much larger. Hey I faced down Bodine, the Rhode Island Red rooster..certainly I can handle a bantam. As it was not sunny, the black hen's iridescent blue and green feathers were not evident and the roosters' spurs were wet. She says they are so much prettier dry.

So one is only supposed to keep one rooster at a time because fights break out but although one rooster is clearly dominant, he lets the other share some of the duties in peace so she keeps them both.

So I now have nice hair compared to that total mess I sported just a few hours earlier. It is much darker now but that probably won't last.

July is just zipped by.  In the drizzle, I had a nice bike ride and I actually accomplished some stuff here so Yay me!

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