Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Teacup Wedding

We had pre wedding photos taken at the botanical gardens. As it was raining, we went inside where it was kept a comfortable (not!!!) 95 degrees with extra misting to ensure the humidity would not drop below dewpoint. The men in suits were especially appreciative

Some outdoor photos were tried with the help of an umbrella as the bride did not favor the drowned rat look

Such a pretty bride

The venue: a 150 year old farmhouse specializing in small (teacup) weddings



The minions: max cap = 10

The married couple

My kids before the ceremony
There was an official photographer who seemed to have better equipment than my iPhone so when I gain access to those, I will share.

So 30 % chance of showers turned into 100% (and today, for my long bike ride: 0% turned into 100%)

The bride's colors were coral and beach blue so my nails, a pretty coral color reflected that. Our group wedding shots had to be done in the conservatory instead of the gardens. At least there was nice, soft lighting but to keep the tropical plants happy, they reproduce the tropical conditions. The little kids could come to pictures and to the dinner afterwards but not to the wedding itself as the venue was very tiny.

The ceremony took place in the parlor of an old farm house with a very mellow officiant who rang soothing chimes at various intervals. It was the first secular (or maybe the 2nd) secular wedding I ever been to in sharp contrast to Josh's first wedding where his holy roller grandfather-in-law officiated. But the ceremony was sweet. Lots of tears all around.

Josh's buddy and fiancee were in town and joined us for dinner. This friend inspired me to start blogging in the first place. He is a well travelled young man with a knack for writing.( The most interesting blog was his 6 month stay in South Africa (where he is from) and his travels within the continent. He just got back from Turkey. He and his to be wife will return to South Africa and blogging next year.

Dinner was very tasty with lots of interesting things to try. I tried some concoction of oranges, pistachio liqueur and amaretto.Shanna had The Lolita with lots of cherries, Naomi went for a mango Bellini. Julie's best friend and her husband joined us too along with all the  parents, Josh's sisters and Julie's sister. (along with Ramy and Shanna's kids..Maya was with her father)

A nice night and now I have a new daughter (and in less than 12 weeks, a new baby girl).

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