Friday, July 5, 2013

Nine miles up: Twenty three miles down

Keystone viaduct 900' long Notice wind generators on top of ridge

Highest point:2375' Downhill from there on
Not my photo (RTC) Inside of Big Savage Tunnel
Inside of Borden Tunnel would be all black with a small white speck

Welcome to the Land of Dixie
Note: the Caution! sign does not tell Northerners to watch their backs in the south

Final Day: 32 miles Meyersdale 1988' to Cumberland 605'

The radar showed a heavy green patch moving slowly towards us. How far can I go without being drenched? Answer 17 miles as it turned out. I might have had a few more dry miles if I didn't keep stopping for pictures and rattle snake searching. I wanted to be on the road ASAP but I did, after some debate, have a Lions Club Pancake Breakfast complete with lots of Meyersdale maple syrup. I had to hand it to the Lions, they were efficient at moving us through. First challenge: a extremely steep hill just to get to the trail. I used my lowest chain ring for the first time and it was not enough. And we did a lot more climbing until the Eastern Continental  Divide. I spoke about the three tunnels before. It was an interesting ride to say the least and very scenic. Silly me, I actually stopped to put on sunscreen during a brief show of the sun. By the time I got to Frostburg (15 miles to go) it started to rain hard. Had to double wrap the iphone. Wish I did a better job with the camera but I think it eventually dried out. Heavy rain and mud and gravel equal ungodly mess. Plus with my narrow tires, I skidded quite a bit in the loose gravel while going down hill. I didn't enjoy this part. Temperature wise I was fine as it was 60 and not windy. I did carry a jacket but didn't need it.  I was just hoping to be upright. I am sure the scenery was beautiful (the expressway parallels the last bit) but all I saw was fog on my glasses and lots of mud.

I couldn't really enjoy the finish line stuff. Wish they provided showers (the Michigander does!!: all week I kept contrasting the be discussed in a later post). I tried to sponge myself off in a public restroom stripping down for all to see (well at least women).

But I am glad I did the ride..

And there's a wedding tomorrow.
How life changes!

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