Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Michigander versus The Greenways Sojourn

Despite my fellow riders loving riding on trails, very few of them had heard of the Michigander. I was a riding poster for the Michigander ride as the jerseys I wore are from past Michiganders. There doesn't seem to be that many organized trail rides. There is one that rides along the Erie Canal so I could recreate the long route 90 ride I took numerous times going to Shanna's. There is also the Katy Ride which goes on  the longest  rail trail in the country,which weaves through Missouri.

Price: Advantage M with a cost per day less than half of the GS.

Coffee: Advantage M with a dedicated gourmet coffee provider up before dawn to ensure coffee as soon as we wake. GS coffee often ran out and was never on time (except the first morning).

Steel mills, coal mines, long bridges, tunnels, rattlesnakes: Advantage GS

Clear information: Advantage M

Sag stops with goodies: Advantage M

Food: Advantage M

Waterfalls and canyons: Advantage GS

Amish Markets: A tie. In past years, the Michigander has gone through Amish country (lots of pockets throughout the state) but the far north is Amish free.

Cute towns with upscale shops: Advantage M

Great Lakes and inland lake shores: Advantage M

Interesting geological stuff: Advantage GS

Sand dunes: M

Presence of trains: GS

People: A tie. Most of the people I met last week seemed to live around the Philly area though Rash Sister lives around Pittsburgh, Vet lady in WV, Mia aAmica , Westchester county NY, Store Man: NH, Lawyer Lady VA, The Professor: FL. The Michigander attracts Michiganders though there are a few out-of-staters that find us. There were a few Californians on the ride and 2 other clumps of Michiganders.

Mia Amica is a wonderful Italian lady from Puglia that I spent most of one day with and on and off the rest of the time. She used to be a chemist too. Coincidentally, she has the same name as my favorite roommate from my monastery days chose for herself. That roommate also had ancestors from Puglia (which she met up with during our stay). My nom de guerre was Valeria, which turned out to be the roommate's daughter's name. Way back in junior high French class, we got to chose French names for ourselves but I was told that I had to use my real name as it was French already so I felt cheated. Josh chose "Guy" as it was the shortest one on the list, plus easy to pronounce. Store Man, Lawyer Lady and The Professor came on the field trip with us and later to dinner. Interesting life stories. I met lots of other enthusiastic people too so I never felt lonely. The night I hunkered down in my tent hoping not to be a lightning rod, I listened to NPR to keep me company.

The most common name of riders must have been Sue or Susan. I guess it was our age

So it a few hours, Baby Boy will be married! Stay tuned for pictures.

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Teri Bernstein said...

I need a total wedding update and other-kid update and we need to talk about the upcoming Michigander !!

Very jazzed. Will call soon.


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