Sunday, July 28, 2013

Settling back in

I haven't been home for much more than 2 weeks at a time for the past 4 months so I am a bit unsettled. Whatever heat we had up north, happened here too with no good effect on my flowers though my geraniums and impatiens are thriving. I have spent many a hour dealing with credit card issues, finally settled(I think).
Also in the works, a trip to the Northwest. Aside from Steve's family in Seattle, we will visit the beaches of the North Oregon coast and the Columbia Gorge. I had bought a Living Social thing for a wonderful place on Whidbey Island. Alas it was all booked up as many places are that I tried. Also for some reason, car rental rates are twice as much in Seattle as they are in San Francisco. Even the airline tickets were quite a bit more so this trip will bust our budget.

We are staying in a cute place in Astoria, Oregon that is more or less central to our explorations.

When we return, two baby showers and then I will sit tight until the baby comes in less than 9 weeks.

I resumed running made easier by the cool weather we've been having. I am still bicycling too though I have no rides this year scheduled.

When Shanna tried to mow her grass the other day, the engine exploded. They were told they didn't have to add oil but as it turns out, they did. They were lucky the flying metal shards didn't hit anyone.

Almost every day I have a grandchild or four, here. One night a friend and I went out for appletinis. Yum! Another night another friend shared a bottle of rioja on the patio while the fireflies flitted about. The lazy days of summer.

And now I have beautiful hot pink shiny nails that for once, are the same length.

To be done, wedding photobook for the happy couple and one for me.

Tomorrow my good high school friend who I reconnected with last month in Maryland comes here. Can't wait. And then later in the week, lunch with my birthday buddy (we remember each others birthdays even when no one else does).

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in my neck of the woods. The Northern coast is where I go..Gearhart to Manzanita. The drive to the Columbia Gorge is beautiful. Would love to meet you if you drive through Portland and need a coffee or beer. No pressure though.


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