Saturday, July 27, 2013

Are Monster Trucks for Real?

The other day, I was reading Daniel a book about talking trucks. With talking animals and various talking inanimate objects, sometimes it is hard for an almost 4 year to distinguish between fantasy and fact. Oliver, now 5, listens to storytime stories with a cynical ear. I find it difficult to believe that dinosaurs can build houses and that a dog could swallow a cow, he likes to interject whenever he hears something that he believes is absurd.

But monster trucks sounded too good to be true to Daniel. Off we went  to troll the internet for 'real' monster trucks doing their things. He was rapt for a while then asked to view train crashes.

Last week 3 of my former Brownies convened at Shanna's house. Between them, they have 9 children, 7 of whom are, heaven forbid! boys. Lots of swinging around Star Wars laser sticks. When I de-armed them, they used train tracks to 'fight'.

Time marches on with a faster and faster cadence. Just yesterday the three were cute little 6 year olds missing front teeth interrupting each other clamoring for attention to tell the tale of tooth loss and doll procurement  and now they are women in their thirties.

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