Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last flowers before it freezes

Shanna, Daniel, Josh and Julia from last Sunday

The wind was blowing hard and the temp was in the high 30s when I ran this morning. Please winter, don't come! A field I ran by had hundreds of Canada geese loading up for their trip south. A short legged orange animal darted in front of me. A fox kit? It was too small to be an adult. The crows in the trees near by started cawing loudly at its appearance. Later hidden in the underbrush just a few feet away from me, two deer were startled by my appearance and went prancing away. One was a multipoint stag. A runner had passed them about 15 seconds before me but I was the one who spooked them.

My arm has 8 teeth marks on it. Daniel loves to bite and bites hard. He, of course, has been told not to do this but biting must be so much fun!

We have pumpkins for the kids. Later they will be carved. Ms Maya will be a ladybug; Daniel a monkey; and Oliver a postman (his choosing).

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