Friday, October 15, 2010

Soccer moms vs soccer dads

We are the champions! The first place team of the T/Th league (us) played the M/W 2nd place team. The winners of the 1 vs 2 then played. I or rather my handsome, young buff avatar scored the winning goal. My uncoordinated sorry self just cheered on the sidelines. No more soccer for a while. The indoor adult league plays too late. The other soccer mom is plotting another possible activity for our two guys. She is also an ice skating mom but her olympic avatar a few weeks ago has his achilles severed by a skate.

So there are soccer moms and soccer dads and they rarely sit together. On our many out of state tournaments, where would Sue sit? With the soccer dads of course! Many of the soccer moms thought it was a little strange that I actually knew the difference between being in an offside position and being offside. Or that I was just strange. Well I actually coached soccer despite being a total klutz myself and  had quizzed Josh relentlesly to prepare for his referee test. I do know the rules and despite me barely able to kick a ball, my teams usually won. As for the soccer dads, they usually welcomed me all except one. I really made him feel uncomfortable by my directness. Did he think I was coming on to him? (as IF!!!). He actually was in a field that required interpersonal skills so that puzzled me further. The other dads were mostly physcians in which interpersonal skills are nice but not toally necessary. His kid was on the same team for the entire 7 years Josh was. Finally in the last couple of years he seemed to accept me.

It is becoming colder and colder with a frost advisary tonight. I keep hoping dark, bleak winter won't happen but it will. On a positive note, Shanna and the babies come in a few days. Yay for that!. Friday is Naomi's day off from school and I visited her and Maya for a while. Ms Maya is content to stare at the ceiling fan go round and round. What goes on in their minds?

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