Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy with babies

This morning was Shanna's break from the babies. She does not get many opportunities. The other grandmother lives near me (Tata..pronounced Taytah) and had them for 4 hours. Daniel does not like being separated from the mom, not even for 10 minutes while she took a shower. He wailed piteously and nothing I could do would distract him from his sadness. We went downtown and Josh just happened to see us walking. We met up with him and Julia for lunch.
The weather has been beautiful. So far, the frost hasn't killed my flowers. I did find some time to run yesterday out in the country. No time today though. The moms are coming over later for dinner. I have all these fancy dishes, silverware, glassware, French linens, etc from my grandmother that I never use. (Most of it is this orangish pink she favored wherease my dining room is dark blue and orange). I was considering using it for once but then I have the babies toddling around, maybe not this time. On the menu, so far:
Curried grilled scallops
Coconut rice
Stir fried Asian vegetables
The other moms will provide appetizers, salad and dessert. Everyone provides wine.
Steve likes to use the dining room as an auxillary storage place so I need to clean that out.

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