Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vacay yesterday

detail of building in downtown Holland

detail in restaurant. I'm looking for ideas for back splashes

Black squirrel eating nut. In Ann Arbor, the huge fox squirrel is the most common though the very aggressive but small red squirrel is increasing in numbers

Steve along Douglas beach which I ran overlooking this morning. Notice all the people.

I liked these grasses in front of our B&B

Holland restaurant. Looked cool inside and the food was good too

Our B&B in Douglas

Artistic bathroom in Saugatuck

Stuffed raccoon in our B&B

Oval Beach near sunset

Sunset at Oval Beach
Steve and I went on a short trip to the western coast of the state. Naomi begins her class next week and at least one of us needs to be around for Maya duty. At the last minute, it was decided she needed a TB test. It turns out her primary never was officially changed. To see her new one would be a weeks' wait so Naomi had to go back to her pediatrician. I'm glad I missed that appointment and the sidewards glances my way. Several years ago, she asked Naomi if she had any interest in sex. Naomi quickly said no and the subject was dropped to both of their relief.

So we had beautiful weather, took long walks on the beach, went shopping (got the coolest lamp and top), had nice meals, sat on the porch of our B&B drinking wine, used the hot tub...

I got up early this morning to run along a road that runs along the top of a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. There are some fall colors now (about 20%). It was very beautiful.

Josh had called to see why I wasn't at the soccer game. He had gone over to see the family of the woman who died last week. The dad pulled him aside and pleaded with him to please include his son as much as possible in the near future.

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Holly said...

good for you for getting in a little vacay time! i love all the pix except for the raccoon (ewwwww)!!


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