Sunday, October 17, 2010

The girl of many colors

I still haven't been able to capture her elusive smile.

Although there was a frost advisory one night ago, we still have dry, sunny days good for running. There are still plenty of fall colors.

Ms. Maya is a gemisch of many ethnicities: African-American, Jewish, Native American, Scottish, German, Irish, etc. My racist father definitely would not approve of her existance. As it was, he referred not so lovingly to his  6 grandchildren as 'half-breeds' and pretended not to know their names as if they weren't important to know. How did this person raised by well-educated people in the lap of luxury become so hateful? It is a mystery. As he grew older, he became more bitter and more outwardly racist. In high school, I tutored in the inner city. I brought home a few of my pupils. He was certain these sweet little girls would rob us blind even though they were 9 and 10. He refused to use the hospital his health plan dictated as it was in the inner city. However, much to his chagrin, having health care in the suburbs didn't guarantee no African American care workers. He frequently lashed out at them telling them that their people have moved into his neighborhood wrecking his home's value. What did he expect them to do with this information? Apoligize? If I was around, I would apoligize to the worker saying that my father wasn't right in the head, which would make him furious. As it was, the number one reason his home's value declined was he refused to maintain it as that would cost money. The African Americans he hated so much actually would shovel his driveway as they couldn't stand to see my mom struggling with the snow. And for the value of his home now, gone, gone, gone with the housing situation now. I am lucky to have sold it when I did.

I haven't accomplished all the chores on my list for this weekend. I was reading a book on health care hoaxes alot directed towards the health care industry overselling the benefits of mega vitamin doses though he also goes into specifics on how drug companies skew data to their purposes. Bottom line: don't believe much of what you read. One funny story I wasn't aware of: During WW2, German pilots were puzzled how British pilots seemed to detect German planes in the dark. The British planted information to make the Germans believethat the British's superior night vision was due to a heavy ingestion of carrots not due to radar that they really wanted to keep secret.
Oh the power of those vitamins.
There are some people out there that try to convince cancer patients to forgo chemo and just take vitamins instead to no good effect.

And my team lost another one. Ugh.


Holly said...

she is just gorgeous...a rainbow baby!!

Alli said...

WOW Sue, the ignorance of some never ceases to amaze me. My son is also Bi-racial. He was born in Africa in the Congo (DRC). His father and I were together for a number of years. We had a home a life then the rumblings of war became louder. I left with my son who was 6 weeks old. When I arrived home it was quite a shock to many that I had a baby, my grandmother thought I adopted him because she said I was to "Skinny" to have a baby. I was home during the summer went back when i was 5 months pregnant otherwise my flying days would be shorter. She didn't see where I was hiding a pregnancy lol When I came back for good I was very worried what my grandmother would say. She was very old school, Polish & Catholic.What a shock!! She was 90 then and she would carry this baby talk to him it was love at first sight!! They became very close. The rest of my family came bearing baby gifts except for my sister, She looked at him in his bassinette and made the comment "Oh he's not that black"!! As you know Sue mixed babies are born with their hue still not complete. I was ready to pummel her on the spot. She has never sent him a card, a gift for birthday or Christmas.She is the only relative who feels this way. Where it comes from? I have no clue we were raised that no one is better. At this point now that Adam is nearly 18, he doesn't care he has formulated his own opinion of his aunt. She is my sister, I have finally cut the toxic cord with her...
Have a good weekend Sue... Love Alli xoxo


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