Monday, October 25, 2010

The family dinner

Julia and Daniel

Maya and Oliver

cute outfit compliments of a good friend in Fort Worth

Ms. Maya at 16 weeks

Maya, Oliver, and Daniel at 4, 32, and 14 months
cute video of Oliver and Sunny

Yesterday we all had dinner at Josh and Julia's. The babies all took turns in being in a bad mood. At one point, all three were crying. Josh gave Julia a look to say Are we ready for this?. Hopefully they are ready..easier if you don't have 3 babies around at once.
The weather was especially nice as it is today also.
It would be great to have the kids all together more often. Shanna and Ramy would love to move back especially as housing costs so much in Boston. Hopefully UM will attract the right business at our former worksite to make that possible.

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Teri Bernstein said...

this is so what it is. thanks, Sue, for the px and the detached but involved grandma-persona.....


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