Thursday, October 14, 2010

Can learning Italian prevent Alzheimer's?

No but it can delay by 3 years on the average in which you seek help for Alzheimer's according to a recent study summarized the other day in the WSJ. Apparently bilingual people are 3 years older on the average than those who speak only one language when they first complain of cognitive loss. Now the incidence isn't any less but the thought processes needed to juggle two languages gets people through the early stages. So my learning Italian wasn't a total waste not that I am bilingual by any stretch of the imagination. I can speak as a toddler in French and Italian and make very simple requests in Spanish and German.

Use it or lose it. In the chapters Naomi needed to study for her nursing test today, the importance of remaining active was stressed. If the patient can't move their own muscles, one has to move them for them.

Every morning as I sip my coffee made by Steve (he thinks I make a mess if I did it), I do one Killer Suduko. I am becoming quite efficient at solving them. I do the WSJ crossword puzzle on Fridays. When I had other papers, I'd do the Sunday NY Times one. Now I have a book of them but I got the hardest rated ones which are somewhat above my ability. I then run and return to eat. I take my meds as soon as I get up. Food interferes with my thyroid stuff. At one point I turned hypothyroid as I was taking calcium infested rolaids for my shredded stomach lining. Now I am very careful not to take my calcium supplements until 4 hours later.

For the first 2 weeks, Naomi needs to learn and be tested on a lot of readings. Then she must learn many procedures. I can just help with the reading material. She's on her own for the procedures and clinical work. Steve watches Ms. Maya for about 2 hours until Dontae takes over. She has to pump during the day in order for Steve or Dontae to have something to give Ms. Insatiable.

This is the last week of soccer. Since his team was first place, they play the first team place team in the other league tomorrow. I left in the dark before the game was over. A wind had picked up and it started to rain. Indian  Summer might be over.
Finally my conventional morning glories are producing. Instead of the tiny dark purple blooms, I now have the huge pale blue blossoms. So pretty.

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Alli said...

I have a good friend that lives in Merano, he keeps telling me to come visit, speak a little Italian enjoy the scenery. If it will hold off Alzheimers I'm on the next plane....

Alli ..xx


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