Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweating the small stuff

When faced with a potentially deadly diagnosis, everything else seems to fade in just want to live, no matter what. But still irritations pop up..
  • Verizon. Recently I got a new phone. I could have had another one a long time ago but I didn't feel like weighing my options. Steve got this for me. It came with no instruction manuel although presumably there is one online somewhere. I spent a week not answering the phone because I didn't know how. I'd just figure out who called and I'd call that person back. I didn't even know how to shut the thing off. I had locked it in the car at one of those funerals I went to. Today a message appeared that an app that tells where the caller is from had been given to me for free for a while but now I must pay for it. Do I want to do this? There was no button to say NO. Any button I would press would potentially say I wanted it. This really irritated me. Steve called Verizon. After 15 minutes going through all the automated menus, he got a person who went through the many steps I would need to go through to opt out of this. Trust me, it was complicated.  Verizon has all sorts of sneaky ways to increase their revenue. This one should be illegal. And the app was stupid. It tells you only where the caller first got their phone service. If Shanna called, it would say Call from West Los Angeles CA. However she is usually calling from the other coast. Now if it would really tell you where they were calling from, that would be useful, not just to satisfy my nosiness either. Just a few weeks ago, I got another call from Josh asking me, where HE is. He didn't know. He thought he was in Canton somewhere and wondered when he was going to hit an expressway. He did know the road he was on but not the direction, etc. I have given up giving him maps and atlases. He ignores them or throws them away. He has a GPS too but it might be in Julia's car.
  • Naomi. It is always with some dread when I leave her in charge. Something might go wrong and she won't know how to handle it. Initially it looked like all was well with the world but then Steve spotted these purple smears all over the bathroom walls. I looked in the trash and saw hair dye (annoying enough as that is). There must have been an explosion of some sort. All she would say was it wasn't her fault and it wasn't purple. Could you at least apoligize? Sorry. I haven't seen the results of this dyeing either. She was careful to leave before we got home. Well we were going to redo the bathroom anyway...and I guess it's better she trashed our bathroom rather than our newly done investment property's.
  • Comcast. When we went to 'upgrade' our service, their agent promised us the world. When it actually came time to install the new package, certain services promised were missing. When Steve complained, he was told that the first agent had no business promising THAT. I smell a rat...Bait and Switch? Lesson learned: when dealing with slimy people, get everything in writing. Get names.
  • Truck drivers. If you are going to pass, pass. Just don't ride beside  the other truck for miles going 55.This kept happening over and over yesterday.  I think most of the trucks should be replaced by trains. On the super highways in Europe, drivers are very careful not to linger one second in the left lane if they aren't passing. Presumably the left lane is only for passing. I wish this would be enforced more.

Whine, whine, whine. But it is a beautiful sunny day and I am healthy as apparently another family member is too despite a scarier  (by alot) diagnosis. All is right.

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