Monday, October 11, 2010


The two pictures above are oil paintings that I inherited from my grandmother. The artist's name is Carelli. Googling the name, I found it to be very common, even among Italian landscape artists. My grandmother purchased these  probably in the 1930s or maybe the 1940s. Maybe they were from a 'starving artist' sale but in general, my grandma didn't buy cheap. There is a sticker on the back of one of them that it was framed in Pasadena arguing against its Italian origins though the scenery looks more Italian than American. I am putting these out there in case they are familiar to someone in cyberworld.

Indian summer persists. The rain did not show up. I ran for 7 miles enjoying the fall colors.
I am trying to organize things here. One thing our investment property has that we don't have is storage space.

My morning glory dreams did not work out as I had hoped. Most of the plants form this huge ball of vegetation that I am lucky to get one blossom a day. Lots of dead leaves looking like bats hanging. I cut these away each day. I read some where that I could dig up my geraniums, shake off most of the dirt and store them dry over the winter soaking them in water occasionally. I have increased my plants considerably by sticking cuttings directly into the soil but storing them all in pots takes up alot of room.

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Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your post. Did you ever get any info about this artist? I just found four small oils that look like the same signature for Carelli at an estate sale and am trying to track down more info. If you ever found out more, or want to connect in case I get more info, please reach out to Thanks!


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