Friday, October 29, 2010

The Dinosaur Museum

Daniel at park

D in stroller

Oliver on slide

Maya close-up

Oliver on the lion in front of the museum. It is said that the lions will roar IF a virgin ever walks by them. His right eye is bruised from a fall on the stairs so no fancy family pictures for us on this visit

Shanna inside of the dino's mouth

Flowers for Shanna's wedding anniversary
The days go by quickly as evidenced by me constantly filling my revolving pill container to keep track of my thyroid replacement. Every other day I take a Prilosec, still haven't been able to wean myself from it, and every day a baby aspirin (probably why I can't wean myself) that might prevent a cancer recurrence.
Babies are a lot of work , more so than I remember but then, I didn't have them so close together and Shanna was the easiest baby ever. But her babies are not good sleepers.

We took them to the Natural History Museum yesterday, the dinosaur museum, still basically the same as when I was a child. I went there regularly, even when I was living in New York, as we visited my grandparents who did live here. I was not impressed with the dinosaurs as a child. What I was impressed were the stuffed baby opossum and baby skunk families, all of which still look terrified in death. The skunks have faded to brown and white. What is gone are the Native American dioramas showing how different tribes had lived. These were removed for not being accurate and/or politically correct. Also gone are the fetuses in jars. Oliver was only mildly interested in the dinosaurs. He preferred to run back and forth through the exhibits.

We did go out today for lunch without the babies who are with their Tata. Shanna is now out with her friend who now lives in Morocco with her 7 month old but is in town  visiting her mother (which is one reason Shanna is here now). I remember them as 6 year olds sitting in the brownie circle. I gave each girl one minute to tell a highlight of the past week stopping girls from interrupting with their more exciting tales. Most of their stories centered on tooth loss and doll acquisitions, Cabbage Patch  Preemie dolls being the favored. This little friend piped in after someone said that they had gotten a preemie that she was a preemie herself weighing less than 2 lbs. Now she has her own baby.

The public health nurse visited Ms. Maya today: 16#12oz and 26 " tall. 99%tile for both height and weight. Naomi has now passed her clinical tests and book tests and is ready for real patients next week.

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Holly said...

your grandbabies are gorgeous...and so full of life!


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