Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Shanna and the adorable toddlers came yesterday. I will post pictures later assuming 'image updloads' will let me. There is some note it will be disabled tonight.The flight wasn't as terrible as it could be with 2 little guys who love to roam and hate to sit still and are quite vocal about their displeasure. Shanna could feel some of her fellow passengers cringing as she and her posse entered.

Oliver is almost 33 months and and Daniel is 14 months. They are unused to stairs though Oliver seems to handle them OK. Daniel has made an attempt to crawl head first. Electronic gizmos are an attraction and both love to press buttons on anything. Oliver is speaking more and more but still is very difficult to understand unless you know his particular language which has American sign language thrown in with it. He probably won't qualify any more for his special programs as he does put 3 words together, just not the correct 3 words and he usually leaves the last syllable off his words. But unlike most almost 3 year olds and unlike even older children, he can identify letters and what they sound like. He is very friendly and active. His younger brother tries to keep up with him but isn't nearly as agile. He already has a sizable vocabulary and does put final sounds on his words so he probably won't have the same speech issues. He is very charming with his big smile and beautiful eyelashes and curls.
This morning, all the babies were together at Naomi's condo. I stayed later to help Naomi study for her last test before getting to deal with real patients. Sample question:
Which aid would be most helpful to remind Mrs. Alzheimers' which room is hers?
  1. a current picture of her on the door
  2. a current picture of her family on the door
  3. her name printed in big letters
  4. a picture of her 40 years ago
Answer: 4. She doesn't even recognize herself in the mirror much less a current picture

We had our first frost yesterday as evidenced by frost on the car. It didn't kill my plants though as they are close to the house. According to our Neighborhood Watch, there is someone in our area chasing down female joggers asking for directions and then insisting they hop in his car to show him where he wants to go. When they refuse, he follows them  until the jogger manages to lose them. So far, this guy seems to be driving 3 very different vehicles but the vehicles are similar in that the license is covered up and the driver is covered up too so he can't be readily identified. Great, more things to worry about when out in the country.

Naomi, Maya and myself now have colds. Mine is very mild and hopefully will go away if I don't exercise today, not that I've had that much time to. It is still very nice out.

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