Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The day that the sun forgot to come up and Lady TaTa

In honor of BC month, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7nJUaRZelk with Lady TaTa singing Mammogram ala Poker Face.

I awoke at 7:15 am to total darkness. A half hour later, it wasn't much lighter. Are my clocks wrong? Did the sun not come up today? A black cloud blocked the sun. So it begins, our descent into darkness. Yesterday, screaming alarms touted a wind advisory for today when a mass of cold air hits the mass of warm air hovering over us currently. Tornados are possible. West of us, the weather has been refered to as a 'chiclone'. Well Boston has its 'Nor'easters', Southern California has its Santa Anas, we might as well have Chiclones. I seemed to have only a narrow window of running time so off I went into the dark wind. Still there was some time left before the forecasted deluge. I decided to take Oliver to the park so his mama could rest. She has a sore throat. But no, he wanted to stay home and no he didn't want to have fun. I took him kicking and screaming (are we having fun yet?) assuming that once he saw the park, he would forget about being mad and then proceed to enjoy himself. I asked him if he wanted to go to the Big Kids Part or the Little Kids Part ( the park uses the age of 5 to separate the two; Oliver is a few months short of 3 but he likes the bigger slides). He wanted to go home. I said that we would sit until he made a decision. He lay down on the path hellbent on not having fun to teach me a lesson. A loud tractor came up the path making him scramble for my lap but he refused to look or talk to me. Soon Steve found us and sat with us until the wind started to pick up.
These boys are a lot of work. Having colds and having Daniel teethe have made them grumpier and unwilling to leave their mother's grasp. She so much needs a break.

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