Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why blog?

I started this blog while I was in Italy to keep a record of my experiences there and to send my friends pictures of the places I've been. Soon after I returned, I found my tumor or rather the mammogram found it (I could never feel it) so I resumed my blog to record what I am going through. It is not a diary: there is alot that I am going through that I don't write about due to privacy issues but rather what a woman experiences as she goes through breast cancer. I have learned alot from others' blogs and hope others learn from mine. The downside of blogging is that others learn what I am up to but I don't know what is going on in their lives.

It is almost 80 here but almost no humidity. I sweat so much less now-must be a side effect of the drugs. Running was a little easier today. I really don't like looking the way I do. Hopefully in a few months I won't look so much like the Michelin woman-bald, puffy and white.

Lazy days. I spent a pleasant evening with Brenda on her deck with her 3 grandkids with her herd of deer-about 8 of them-regularly making their rounds through her yard. In 2 weeks, I will get to be with my own Oliver. I slept almost ten hours with disturbing dreams-the old back in college dream where I have to write a paper for the final but I can barely understand the question and I had missed so many classes. I try to read my illegible notes but they aren't helpful and I am panicking. I wake up-reassure myself that I don't need to write any paper but then I fall asleep right back into that annoying situation.

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Daria said...

For me blogging has saved my sanity.

I do believe we all learn from each other and are a great source of support.

You are helping others ...


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