Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have a brief respite from being fried on the weekends. Still my symptoms from radiation are mild-just occasional breast pain and some shrinkage around my scar. I also now have a dry cough which could be due to radiation. They insist that only a small section of my lung is being zapped. I cover the breast with Aquaphor before running as I do not want to have any chafing sores that I've had in the past. Running is getting easier and easier maybe as my anemia goes away. I no longer have nose bleeds. Still no new hair growth and I am down to FIVE total bottom eyelashes.

Sharon, my blogger friend, had her last radiation yesterday. She's finally done after 9 months of treatments. In ten days, I will be also. Yay for us!

I had a nice lunch with Josh yesterday. His wife is preparing Easter Brunch for us tomorrow morning. I just have one dish to prepare. I also had a good talk with Shanna who just had seen her ob-gyn. All seems fine with the baby whose sex hopefully will be unveiled Monday. We have a wedding on Long Island the first weekend in May. Afterwards, I'll go to Boston. Meanwhile a few of the moms will be in NYC also so maybe Sunday, we'll all meet up. Last night a friend came over and we shared some wine and cannoli. I have cut down on my drinking considerably from nothing during chemo to once a week now.

It will be so nice to be out of Cancerland. So much of my life for the past 7 months has revolved around cancer issues, it will be nice to have my old life back. I've been practicing my Italian in the car when I am alone. One of the phrases I was repeating yesterday was Sono un avvocato which sounded pretty much like I am an avocado but no, it means lawyer. Avocados are the same in Italian, English and Spanish derived from the Mayan word for 'testicles'.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue -
It sounds good to hear you looking forward to moving on. And I love how in your last paragraph you go right from "cancerland" to "avocados" and "testicles."
Hugs, Kathy


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