Friday, April 17, 2009

Rad waiting room

There is a free parking lot outside the rad building for those with a special hang tag. Parking at the UM hospital system is very frustrating and expensive usually. We ended up paying more than $200 in parking fees when Shanna was a patient almost 20 years ago. The orthopedic clinic that treated me when I broke my arm was in the main hospital. Even getting the parking ticket was a pain as I had no use of my left arm and had to get out of the car to get it out of the machine with my right arm. I usually had to troll through several levels before I found a spot and it was expensive. But for cancer patients getting infusions, top price 50 cents for the day and rad patients are free. Today all the spots were filled-unusual early in the morning except one that had an inch to spare squeezing in-a bad sign. The rad waiting room was full-another bad sign. Two machines were down. Fortunately there were interesting patients today-my pals Mary and Ann who have appointments before me (but were taken after me) and several others. Lots of time today to learn their stories. The most bizarre was a man my age with Stage 4 larynx cancer. He got it from his mom who died of cervical cancer when he was ten. Huh? Cervical cancer of the throat? Yep, the virus that caused her cancer was transmitted to him during childbirth and it took this long to turn into something. Hopefully Gardisil will cut down cases like this in the future.

It was very pretty out and I went for a run along the river after my zapping. I didn't have much energy but it was nice watching the swans fight while I took my walking breaks from the running.

Naomi is still on spring break and begs for the car every day. She also figured that since she's 18 now, she could do anything she wants. She now thinks it would be cool to dye her hair brown.

My plans for the day? Laze around in the sun then go over to Brenda's and laze around with her.


goose1972a said...

Sounds like a perfect after-rad day!

How many more radiations do you have?


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Just two and the last one is Tuesday on my birthday. I am the first person that UM has let do the 3 week study. Thanks so much for letting me know about your treatment-otherwise I would be going nuts for almost another month.

Renee said...


I hope you celebrate this birthday like no other birthday has ever been celebrated. You deserve it!

How long the road on this journey has felt. But really it is so much shorter when we compare it to the years we have lived. But dang it all, didn't the journey feel like 25 years? Now we just have to get through the check-ups ever few months. I am believing that as the years go by and I get that "all clear" result from the mammo/MRI, I will think less about cancer. And we both need this!

Hope you have a great birthday, my friend!



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