Thursday, April 9, 2009

Watch out! Naomi is on the road!

On Tuesday, Naomi passed her road test even though she made a right turn on red while a car was making a left turn into the same space and she was unable to smoothly back into a parking space. Yesterday she got her long awaited driver's license and promptly wanted to go 'solo' to a friend's house 3 miles away. I worry so much about her judgement. I knew at 16, she could not be trusted nor do I believe many 16 year olds have the maturity to drive. Just the other day, we were out practicing and pulled along the side of a friend of hers. Naomi was eager to show her friend that finally she was driving and started honking. But to her chagrin, her friend didn't look up as she was too busy texting!! And she seemed to be still looking down after the light changed!

There have been too many examples here of kids dying that should not have on the road. A girl born the same week as Shanna with just 2 months of driving under her belt decided one day that she just had to see her boyfriend in Madison WI and tried to drive there and back on the same day. She crossed the center line of 1-94 just 15 miles short of Ann Arbor killing herself and a college student driving in the opposite direction. The next day Shanna went looking for her as they were doing a project together and was told that she was dead. I get this tearful phone call dead, couldn't help it, car, come here now! and I immediately assumed Shanna had run someone over.

Of course there are many adults I think that shouldn't be driving too. I am reminded of this daily as I make it through the North Campus section full of new adult drivers who came from non-car cultures. Anyway, another thing for me to worry about but I do have to let her grow up. But as a plus, the car will be a good carrot for modifying behavior. Steve managed to get her to clean the room before the license could be obtained.

It finally seems to be spring. I saw daffodils today and a purple finch yesterday. My favorite wildlife sighting was a snow laden tree Monday with 3 huge vultures perched in it. I had planted my pansies Saturday before knowing the snow was coming but they seemed to have survived. My 3 mile run was easier than the other day so that's some progress. I was able to sit for a while at an outside table in the sun comfortably before visiting Brenda yesterday afternoon.

8 treatments finished; 8 to go! So far, I feel fine. Noone at all in the waiting room today except for Ann who came to visit with me. Yesterday a young Middle Eastern woman who usually is there with her husband was crying. I assume the husband is there as an interpetor. I wonder how she handles the modesty requirement as so many of the rad techs are men.

I did go to the support group at UM last night. The same older ladies were there but it is hard to relate to them. A 30ish mom was there for the first time though she has finished treatment. BC has robbed her of the opportunity of having more than one child. Evil disease!

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