Friday, April 3, 2009

Chemo side effects

I had my fitness evaluation yesterday at LiveStrong to assess my muscle strength, endurance, and balance. No comments were made about the muscles or endurance other than the patronizing 'good'. I assume both are better than most though not nearly what I had before chemo. But what really sucked was my balance. Allegedly one should be able to stand on one foot for a minute with ones leg bent behind one but I didn't last more than a few seconds. I fought the urge to cry or run out of there. A comment was made about how I should be able to do better than 'that' as I am not 'that old.' So chalk up another side effect of chemo.

We then worked on our machine of choice for aerobics-I was on the elliptical trainer. According to the lit up diagram, I was working selectively the gluts and quads so now I have sore quads. We then stretched-another thing I suck at. Next class-weight machines. I am glad I am taking the class as I like my co-students. One lady had BC twice in the exact place 18 years apart. As much as I complain about my nails with their white and brown streaks, they are of normal shape and length. Others have had them fall off or have very thick, yellow broken nails.

No chemo brain study today as the MRI broke again.

I've been taking it easy to avoid a cold that I thought I was getting. So far I have shook it off but Steve has it now. Today I was waiting in the small rad waiting room and this older woman was in there (she was waiting for her husband-she wasn't even a patient) noisily sucking up snot every 30 seconds. Delightful. If she could speak English, I would have requested that she should stay in the main waiting room and not spread her disease to rad patients. The other patient was spreading disinfectant noisily over himself hoping she'd take a hint and waited in the hallway to avoid her. Under the radiation machine, it is important to be very still for 15 minutes. I certainly don't want to worry about coughing or sneezing and then getting some other body part fried instead. I did have a cold the day I had my amnio with Ms. Naomi and fretted that I would cough at the wrong moment and she would be impaled by the needle.

I am 25% finished and now get a 2 day reprieve. Still just some minor soreness.

It turns out that I am not the only blogger in the house but I am not allowed to see this blog. Hardly seems fair.

Warm and sunny yesterday as opposed to cold and rainy today. I went out last night for dinner with some of the moms but passed on the movie at the 'cheapies' as I saw it (The Reader) in Seattle. I did get Naomi's broken iPod fixed for free. Yay!

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