Monday, April 27, 2009


I am one premium procrastinator. I had just one chore for the day and I promised myself no blogging until I got it done thus the late entry. Not that I didn't find funner things to do instead.

I am finding out that wishing that my weight would go away and keeping it a big secret from myself is not working. Aside from its ugliness, its presence is associated with much poorer 'outcomes'. So the other day I finally hopped on that scale and holy moly-I couldn't believe my eyes. This of course contibuted alot to my huge pity party of the other day. I have already dropped 3 lbs-a small drop in the fat bucket-but a start. I have to view this as a chance to carve a new body from this big cube of lard. I do have some muscles but they are buried deep. It is a miracle I can run as well as I do.

I ran more than 4 miles this morning and then took a mile walk with a neighbor. Still nice and sunny but more storms are coming in. All the fruit trees have blossoms and the trilliums and wood lilies are out in the woods by my house.

A cyber friend recently had her tumor and nodes removed. One node was much larger than the original tumor. But the strange and upsetting thing is that they misplaced her tumor before pathology was done on it!!! By the time they found it, it had decomposed to the point of uselessness. Since it was in her nodes, they will give her the same aggressive chemo regardless but no receptor typing was done so what to do next?


imBeth said...

Hi Sue, thanks for sharing! I am just starting a similar journey, with my first chemo scheduled for next week... Beth.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

So glad I found you today! Sorry you are on this journey, but I can tell you, it does finally end. My hair is now growing in, my eyebrows are back, and life is moving on! Sounds like you are doing everything to keep fit! LOVED catching up on all you are doing!!!



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