Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Radiation buddies

Radiation is usually scheduled at the same time everyday so you probably will share the waiting room with the same people and get to know them. Pickings are slim for the 9:25 slot however. A much older woman on oxygen and probably an inpatient and a younger man. He might be all right: he at least smiled. But then the lady I liked so much from my last support group walked by who has a slightly earlier spot-good! a friend!

Last night I was thinking that radiation might not be the walk in the park I hoped it would be. I was very sore and felt ill and more tired than I ever had been on chemo. Maybe I'm coming down with something as it would be too fast to have systemic effects. I was second guessing myself about the wisdom of choosing the 3 week study as the soreness may be due to that and I can't complain to the onc as she would just say "I told you not to do this." Also I was wearing deodorant yesterday, a big no-no as the metallic salts can wreak havoc causing hot spots, etc. I wasn't told in advance about this although I had read about that at some point. The rad onc suggested wearing cornstarch, which would do squat against my usually powerful apocrine glands. Fortunately Taxol seems to have killed them off (along with my oil glands) but if they come back before I'm done, it will be just another indignity among many that I'll have to put up with.

At the memorial the other day, a woman came up to me who had heard about my BC said Well at least you didn't lose your hair.

While we were returning to the car last night and I was carrying the leftover boxes so the birthday princess could walk with free hands (she so loves to have a sherpa), a strong wind suddenly threatened to make me bald. Please hold these boxes-my wig is about to fly off!!!
Naomi found this hilarious.

Dinner with Naomi was fine as she had gotten over her disappointment about not getting the driver's license yesterday. She talked about her future with the boyfriend. She is so naive but very hopeful about her future.

My running program might have to be put on hold due to breast soreness and I think I might be coming down with some throat infection. At least I am not as tired as yesterday. I will see how I feel in a few hours.


S. F. Heron said...

You'll feel whacked by next week. I do remember feeling blitzed after my first treatment. Could've been a head thing with me, though.

Sounds to me like you might be getting yourself a cold there, Sue. TLC for you, please? Take care of you!

S. F. Heron said...

Sue, I was thinking about your soreness when I was getting cooked today. I do remember some inside discomfort those first few days of treatment.

My docs have had me putting cold compresses (wet washcloth only) onto the sites multiple times each day. No ice packs, no heat. Try it for about 10 minutes.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Actually I am less sore than yesterday, which doesn't make sense but if it gets bad again, I will do as you suggest. Hopefully I don't need to have my skin debraded as you have. Ouch!!! I am thinking that they are doing more sensitive sites with you. In my case, only my breasts are being fried.
Thanks for the suggestions.


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