Saturday, April 4, 2009

La mia notte italiana*

* My Italian night

Italian is a strange language with their use of a definite article with the possessive. The my night. At the Italian Film Festival last night I met a woman who said I could take lessons at a local Italian restaurant-the same one that donates our cancer lunches. Before the two movies,a friend and I ate at the Abruzziese restaurant Silvio's. Molto buono! Their manicotti are actually crepes stuffed with spinach and cheese. Later we returned between shows for tiramisu-also very good.

Last year the film series averaged about 5 people per film. Now they had 15-20. Maybe they need more publicity? I only knew of it from  my film teacher of last summer as they had showed the same films at Wayne last week.
The first film -a documentary-L'orchestra di Piazzo Vittorio frankly didn't sound promising but we loved it. In part to combat anti-foreigner sentiment in a mixed nationality neighborhood in Rome, these musicians started an orchestra featuring the best artists from many different cultures, from Cuban, Gypsy, South American, Indian, Greek, Indian raga, Arab and African drums. They had to deal with no money, no common language, mistrust between certain ethnic groups, caste differences within the same ethnic group, visa problems, prima donnas, etc but they managed to put together a group of 21 to 30 artists (members come and go) that pooled their diverse talents and instruments to form a unique sound. Very good music! A taste (

The second movie-a so-called black comedy- Notturno Bus was OK. I had promised my friend no depressing movies or violence and this was full of it though only the bad guys get killed. Both movies were set in Rome so the Italian spoken was somewhat understandable to me(as opposed to whatever was spoken in Gommora).
In my spare moments, I try to practice my Italian. When my cancer experience is over, I hope to return to Italy.

It was very windy and cold out yesterday. I took a day off from my exercise routine. No radiation today. Yay! I have no skin changes but the inside of my breast hurts. I went out to lunch with a good friend who gave me pretty pansies to plant.

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