Friday, April 24, 2009


Running is becoming easier: I went for 2 miles today without taking a break and quickly recovered before running almost 2 miles more. On the elipitical trainer, I am doing that at a higher level now also. The MRI is back in service so I will do the 2nd part of the chemo brain study next week if they can find an open slot before I leave to the east coast-not that I am looking forward to being stuffed into that thumping tube of claustophobia for an hour. I don't think I suffered so much from chemo brain per se, can do puzzles quickly etc but I do find myself easily becoming overwhelmed for little reason. Such as today. The moms are coming over later and the house is a mess. I am sure that they will understand or maybe not, that I have only so much energy for somethings and cleaning gets put on the back burner. On the other hand, I should have all the time in the world but it is amazing how the day fills up. Steve is doing some of the cleaning.

Marilyn's eyelashes have been growing back in for 3 weeks now and she no longer needs a magnifying glass to see them. I am down to a quarter of the top and none on the bottom. It just looks weird and makes me sad. I know it's supposed to only temporary but it has been 7 months now that I have been dealing with this in one form or another. I must have the slowest hair to return in history. It used to be very fast growing. I must have wished it to stop at some point and this is what I get- 3 mm of transparent stubble.

I had my last round of teacher conferences ever yesterday. Maybe I will never go into that high school again. I didn't see all of her teachers, just the academic ones and her special ed consultant. In general, all was good or at least fixable. I had fretted about an unexcused absence thinking she must have skipped an hour to be with that boyfriend but it turned out the teacher made a mistake. Naomi must have a different persona in school as several teachers remarked how well-mannered and sweet she is. Suffice it to say, this persona is usually absent at home. Another teacher remarked on what a boy magnet she was surrounded by a cloud of boys and having to constantly shoo them away. She just laughed when I told her that. Prom is coming up but her boyfriend won't be able to take her. She wants to go anyway, hell or high water. She doesn't want to be with a single escort because she wants to dance with everyone. She wants a dress this weekend.

On the job front, I am to earn ONE dollar by signing my rights over to my former employer for my recent patent. Of course the dollar wasn't included in the FedEx package I received today but I assume my separation agreement included something about me being on their beck and call to sign things indefinitely. Also I got some notice from them saying my health insurance will be changed AGAIN but not until the end of the year.

Next task, wash my poor smelly pug and his bedding. He does not enjoy this-not one bit.

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