Monday, October 3, 2016

Yosemite redux

acorn woodpecker

Yosemite valley: haze from fires and fog

one of many tunnels

Bridal Falls with very reduced water flow

mule deer, which are considerably smaller than the white-tail variety here in the east

one of the best photos Steve took

climber on El Capitan. The first climber took 47 days. Now a good one can do it in 3 hours. We could not see this guy with our bare eyes no matter how many instructions from German tourists. Finally we asked one of them  to use our camera with the good lens to take this photo

Omstead Point The Frederick Omsteads (father and son, I forget who did what) did much for park design in the West (along with designing Central Park in the East)

tour group

Netaya Lake.Yep it was raining though none was forecasted. And cold.

We were east of the park entrance by then, pass Tioga Pass. The road dropped quickly but it was still beautiful

our first glimpse of Mono Lake (aside from the flyover the day before)

Steve took zillions of photos and loaded them on to my computer this weekend. I have eliminated some of the redundancies and cropped some of them to suit my taste. As he is using a much better camera than an iPhone, the results are much better, for the most part, than the ones I previously posted. Also since I am using a real computer, I can actually see what I am posting. At some point, I will clean up the mess my vacation blogs were with redundant photos, grammar errors and the like.
We have been home 4 days now and I am in a bit of a funk. Time to face some hard realities.

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Elephant's Child said...

Some truly beautiful photos here.
I don't do tunnels well, and hope that your hard realities are softer than you expect.


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