Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hottubbing with Grandma

The princess
Maya was so excited to watch the sunrise. The sky was pink, orange and blue. We took a walk around the property to better see the sun
sunrise from the front of the house. Notice orange spider lights hanging on the porch
sunrise reflected in the window

in the jacuzzi
last night
doing her flips. From a bridge position, she can flip her legs over her head and end up on her feet. Much harder than flipping into a bridge position. Maybe I will sign her up in a real gym

It is day 3 of Maya on drugs. She no longer balks at swallowing the pill. Although she is still very active, a good half hour last night was running around in our yard doing flips and cartwheels, she is no longer so antsy. As she was settling down for the night, she no longer was continuously kicking. She also could stay focused on various tasks for more than 5 minutes. She is on the smallest dose right now. What counts more is if she can focus in school. The chief side effect is lack of appetite but so far so good. She is so thin, she can't afford to lose weight.

I took her to school today. She is a full head taller than most of the class. Only one boy even was close to her height. True she is the oldest and many of the students are Asians, who tend to be smaller.

She had looked forward to the Jacuzzi, her reward for taking the pill the first time She is not clear on the concept of relaxing and wanted to try to swim in the tub.

I am feeling guilty because I didn't run today. It was warm and calm this morning but soon a cold front moved in with lots of rain and cold. I was dealing with Maya this morning and then met with a friend to go shopping and have lunch. I did take half of the lunch home to have for dinner instead of snarfing down the entire order as I have in the past. Fun to be out and about with friends.

Maybe a double workout tomorrow.


Elephant's Child said...

Wonderful news that she is taking the pill more easily and that you are already seeing some improvement. Wonderful, wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

Maya has talent! Reminds me of stories about Michael Phelps. At least I think it was MP who had attention span problems. Kris


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