Saturday, October 22, 2016

A drive into the country

many faces of Tessa.
Sharon Mills County Park
the River Raisin

milkweed pods The monarch butterfly larvae feed on its leaves. Presumably there is a shortage of milkweed but I see it everywhere 

crimson maples on my bike ride
one of our 3 crimson king maples. The sugar maple has only 25% turned

My hairdresser lives in the southwest corner of our county whereas I live in the northeast. Thus it is quite the drive to see her. I don't mind as it is so pretty. I took the county roads going there. As I was too early, I went to the nearby county park to take photos. Long ago, this was a fording place for the Native Americans across the River Raisin. Then a series of mills operated years ago for the tiny settlement of Sharon Hollow. About 20 years ago, I came across these mills by then turned into a winery, on my bike. We stopped to sample the wine. Bad idea as it is very difficult to ride after drinking. Now the whole area is a county park.

Usually I am given fresh eggs but hawks and eagles have taken their toll on her chicken flock.
It was 37 when I bundled up to take a bike ride today. I was warm but battling the strong north wind was tiring. The sun lit up the fall colors. So pretty.

Game day yet again. As Julie is out of town, Josh and Allie are coming here to watch the game. Hopefully I can get Steve to get my Halloween lights up by then.

74  days, at most, until we meet grandbaby number 6.

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Elephant's Child said...

That is a beautiful area.
Love that the many faces of Tessa are all smiling.


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