Monday, October 24, 2016

A hard pill to swallow

a sugar maple in the golden hour right after dawn
bits of sumac

One of the many horse farms I ride by
tunnel of trees. For a dirt road it was quite smooth. However I should have looked at a map before turning onto it as it was a mile shorter than I needed

There are several medications for ADHD: once a day capsules, twice-a-day crushable pills and a patch. We assumed Maya would pull off the patches; the twice a day pills would be hard to schedule leaving the once a day capsule. As it costs way more than the short lasting pills, the insurance balked at paying for them. But after 2 weeks, Maya was finally ready for her medication. Except she refused to swallow it. She was taken to the school nurse who had a few tricks and finally success. Will she take the pill tomorrow and the next and the next? We will see.

Such a beautiful weekend! I took two long bike rides. Today it was back to running. I ran the furthest I have in more than a year. My weight loss is not as fast as the first week but slowly is coming off. Will I be able to be good when I am not at home?  A minivacation this weekend followed by a trip to NYC next week. It will be tough. When a friend came over, I was able to limit myself to a half glass of wine. For snacks, we had desiccated snap peas.

Josh and Allie came to watch UM beat Illinois. Now number 2. It was fun being with him. Today I spent a bit of time with Shanna and Tessa.


Elephant's Child said...

Good luck on the medication front. Hopefully it will help and become a part of her routine...

Anonymous said...

Great news about your weight loss and running more miles! Kris

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks Kris...sadly a long way to go but at least it is a start.


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