Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Half Moon Bay

Steve took this along the bay as I ran

This flock of pelicans was one of his best photos

Pillar Point from my brother's deck. Good sunsets are rare: either too foggy or not a cloud in the sky

sea urchin

pelicans on the breakwater

rock crabs. This town's chief industry is catching Dungeness crabs. Due to El Nino, the ocean's warmer temps led to red tide, a toxic algae bloom that made the crabs toxic. They now have been cleared to eat at least from Pillar Point

I assumed this was a large mole but no, it is a pocket gopher. Michigan gophers are much bigger

sea lions resting. They bark night and day. I can hear them from my brother's house. We didn't see any seals resting on the beach though saw many swimming in the water
Moss beach woods
Pumpkin capital of California. Pumpkin palaces all over the place
view from the woods
downtown mural showing beach, woods and pumpkin
another mural showing the half moon shape of the bay. Bakeries sell crescent shaped cookies.; Italian restaurant is named Mezza Luna (half moon)

pretty sculpture
tapas bar along the waterfront that we ate at on the last day
the harbor

sea glass sold by the pound
pier and fishing shack
passion fruit flower though this variety does not produce fruit
Steve and Charlotte, the Jack Russell terrier who wanted to be petted around the clock

We spent 6 of the 9 days of our vacation at my brother's house overlooking the coast, up this impossibly steep road, about 24 miles south of San Francisco. He would go out for breakfast while I ran on various paths along the coast. Even on the hottest day, temps were cool in the morning. If I ran on the Northern half of the bay, sometimes running southeast would blind me with the rising sun. Later I figured out to run on the southern half in which the sun was never in my eyes.

On the last day that we were there last February, I had a bad fall trying to cross the Pacific Coast Highway. I didn't cross it at all this time. I cringed every time we went by the bad intersection. My insurance is still giving me grief about the accident 8 months later.

I am trying to take control of my life here which very depressingly, has spiraled out of control with only myself to blame. More if I ever dig myself out. Steps are being made

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Elephant's Child said...

Love Steve's pelicans in flight shot.
And hope you find your way. Take care.


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