Saturday, October 1, 2016

Over to the sunny side

The first 5 photos were taken at the Allied Arts Center in Menlo Park in  mission era buildings


love bougainvillea
one of the many fountains at Stanford

in the memorial chapel

Rodins: the art museum, which we did not visit this time has plenty of these
Stanford had visited Ravenna Italy (as did we) which gave him inspiration for these gold mosaics
pomegranate plus blossom
lots of porticos: useful as it was a toast 98 degrees when we visited
a restaurant in downtown Palo Alto
Another one
downtown public seating

We left Menlo Park at 2:30 pm where the car thermometer read 98 deg. 15 miles later (less than a half hour), it read 65 degrees. The sun had morphed into fog. My brother goes over to the sunny side for work every day leaving the fog of his coastal home to the sunny bay area. Different vegetation can be found on both sides. The bay side is similar to Southern California , dry and hot. It rarely goes above 70 on the other side, but lucky us, it was close to 90 for 2 of our days.

Stanford must be one of the prettiest campuses. We ate at the Crepevine in downtown Palo Alto. They gave us so much food that even I couldn't finish it all.

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Elephant's Child said...

Some real beauty there.
98? Bleah.


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