Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall colors

We haven't enjoyed the fall colors as much as we did last year. We finally went for a drive the other day. Unfortunately, I think they already peaked
We started at the Dexter Cider Mill which was closed. 34 years ago I ran my first race along the Huron River starting in Ann Arbor finishing here going the opposite direction as the more famous Dexter-Ann Arbor. I had just started my running program 6 weeks before to lose the weight  gained having Josh. Despite dropping all the weight and then some, I kept running and was winning some races. Now I am so slow. Maybe I will speed up a bit when my excess is gone
Delhi with a traffic light
at least one maple with leaves
The big bend of the river. Several egrets and swans were there but did not have the good camera with me. How many times have I run and biked along this stretch?
back to buying 'art' It is is hanging in my green and purple room. I don't know why the walls don't appear their sage color here
this will hang in our master bedroom window as soon as I figure out how. Two bucks
who doesn't need an Italian marquetry musical sewing table? (plays O solo mio). Principal wood appears to be mahogany. Research indicates it to be about 40 years old

My maple trees have not completely changed colors yet. True the Crimson Kings, if that's what they are, are reddish green but the sugar maple hasn't completely turned orange red.  Running through the woods early in the morning is very pretty though a lot of the trees there are oaks and hickories, not known for pretty colors. Until today, it has been very warm maybe that's why the colors aren't so nice this year.

I am slowly shrinking. Not as fast as I would like but probably as fast as medically safe. It has become somewhat easier to ignore my hunger pangs. Not drinking (one beer in 3 weeks) has helped.

Aside from our leaf peeping, Steve and I went shopping. I rarely go into 'new goods' stores anymore. What did I buy? Parrot tulip  and Asiatic lily bulbs. Hopefully they don't become expensive squirrel food though I don't have the numbers of squirrels as I did at the old house to dig up bulbs. And they had a beautiful stained glass lamp I wanted but as I bought a used one the week before, I couldn't justify it. But my favorite purchase was of lights. Shanna has a rotating disc that broadcasts moving ghosts on her porch. I got one that shows falling orange and yellow leaves. It even looks good in my 'orange' living room. They had a light that shows falling red and blue snowflakes for Xmas. To hang on the high hooks of our porch, I have dangling flashing orange spiders for that touch of class. Perhaps today I can persuade Steve to hang them.

Yesterday was Maya's IEP. New school; new personal. I do have much more confidence in this team than in the one at her old school. Extra bonus, she should be here for the next 6 years. Who was there besides Naomi and myself? Well not Don'tae. He forgot. We had her classroom teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist, social worker, school principal, special ed teacher and an occupational assistant. Yep it takes a village to deal with Maya. I especially liked her classroom teacher who seems to be a good fit for her. I know the husband of the special ed teacher so it was fun sharing stories about him ( he wants me to volunteer as a science teacher for the system; I had done demos in the kids' middle school where he used to teach)

Two interesting terms from yesterday: code switching and sensory breaks. I listen to a podcast on NPR, Code Switching. Basically it is a series of reporters from different cultures explaining what they need to do to fit in with the 'dominant ' culture. Last year, the speech therapist was concerned that Maya's use of dialect (talking black) was getting in the way. This year's therapist is African-American (as is the principal and the social worker) and has no such concern. She says as Maya matures, she will know when to Code Switch.

Sensory breaks: Due to Maya's severe antsiness, they recognize that after sitting still for more than a few minutes, she needs to move. So they allow her to go due her back bends and cartwheels (she is extremely flexible) to blow off steam. She especially has trouble in the afternoon, so she is taken out of the classroom. She gets lessons while playing catch. Hopefully once her drugs are approved, her restlessness will decrease and her attention span increases.

In the classroom, she is not behind for current grade level. I keep comparing her to my other grandchildren (and children) so perhaps I need some perspective; the others are probably exceptional. She has made lots of progress just in the 6 weeks she's been at the new school, which is the neighborhood school the kids went to. Even out he in the boonies, the kids here ae assigned that school.

How can any one vote for that sleaze ball Trump? I assume his main base is lower class, uneducated white racists but then on my bike rides in fancy neighborhoods, I see his signs. So he won't accept the results of the election. What does that mean? He will orchestrate a coup with his thugs?

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Elephant's Child said...

Hooray for a school (and team) which does sound like a better fit for Maya.
And hooray for your incredible shrinking self.


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