Saturday, October 8, 2016

ArtPrize 2016

Last supper..What is Trump's function in this?

Grand Rabbits...get it? Yesterday we had our annual pilgrimage to Grand Rapids to view ArtPrize. Much less smaller than years pass but still was interesting to view

one of the more interesting installations. Each shoebox tenement had tiny video screens giving a story
My friend is front and center with the black coat

Naomi had several state championships in volleyball at the GR convention center. When she was a U-16, they won states
Maybe its not clear but he has a gun instead of..
lots of copper butterflies
close-up iof butterflies
this mosaic mural was put up 4 ArtPrizes ago
wheelchair made up of toy soldiers
Indian chief Christmas ornaments
not art but an interesting bouquet at a bar
dresses of post-it notes and tuille
a whole assortment of and carved wooden bikes
birdlets along the river

I think this is the latest we ever went to Grand Rapids. We were to go earlier but forecasted thunderstorms had us choose a different day (rain never came but just as well, it was lovely yesterday). Despite the many times, I've gone to Grand Rapids (Michigan's 2nd city 150 miles away)
I never bother to remember street names. I navigate according to landmarks. Where we park is across from the BOB, a big red building. However I went right pass it as new construction covered it up. Just as well, we ended up at a private structure that was cheaper and much less crowded.

I took many photos; these above are only the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps I will post more later.

While I was out and about, Steve was babysitting Allie. She wanted to ride her trike to the park. Steve somehow (!!!?) forgot how to get to it and relied on directions from a 3 year old. The trip was very long (should be only a few blocks). Steve finally figured out that Allie would not turn down a street that had a lawnmower in one of its yards. She hates lawnmowers and other loud things. Steve ended up having to carry both Allie and the trike.

The clouds seemed to have lifted. I am no longer on the verge of tears so yay.


Elephant's Child said...

I am glad to hear the clouds have lifted, and hoping for rainbows.
Some interesting, and confronting art there. I am still thinking about the gun/penis metaphor.

Vagabonde said...

You showed some very interesting art pieces on your posts. I would have liked to look at the wooden bikes, as I am a Tour de France fan. I do not know Michigan at all but think you may have many places displaying art. Here, in the Atlanta metro area, we have very little. Although this week-end is the big chalk drawing festival on the Square, so it is art in a way, ephemeral art that is. I’ll come back and look at more of your posts.


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