Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Knowledge of good and evil

the road to our ghost town
It is Day 9 of my 200 day improvement program. A long way to go. This involves no drinking, except one drink perhaps on social occasions, no sweets or treats and an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption. As the weather is cooler, my time spent running will increase. For the first few days, it was especially hard as my body missed the alcohol and food but now it is getting used to the new normal. And I have lost weight, mostly in the beginning which I assume was water weight but perhaps the fat is slowly dissolving too. What will make me successful? Incessant weighing.
Recently I read a study on a group of dieters that were divided into two groups though with the same food plan: one group would be weighed often, with the results electronically sent to the researchers and the other whose weight would be recorded only at the end of the study. Big differences were found at the end. Well my weight won't be electronically sent anywhere but in the distant past, this is how I lost weight.

Previous to menopause, I never was much more than 15 pounds overweight excepting in the few months surrounding giving birth. Even then, I would be back to normal by the time the babies were one. But in the past 10 years, I have gone through so much physically and emotionally. I have let myself go. Cancer especially was not the weight loss opportunity as it is for others. Having to take steroids on top of few red blood cells made me ravenous but too weak to move much. Yeah, all excuses.

Now it us quite cool out. I had to wait Sunday until it was warm enough to bike (40 degrees) If I bundle up with my fleece this and that, I can stand 30 degrees for short periods but the wind gets through eventually.
Dawn today. These maples are now red

On my now longer runs, I go past gated driveways, some quite long. What is behind them? This is one of them recently on Zillow  Almost 6 million. And in Michigan, this buys quite a lot.

Some good knowledge: I have a friend who is an adoptee. There were rumors about her biological parents that I thought would be easy to confirm or deny with a DNA test. Certainly if it could uncover my 6th cousins, identifying half sibs would be easy-peasy. Well the half sibs are half sibs. And she found a whole side of her biological family she previously knew nothing about.

Bad Knowledge:
Last week I wrote about a murder in Maya's father's neighborhood. Little did I know how that will impact her life. OMG is all I can say.


Elephant's Child said...

A mixed post.
Yay for your determination.
Sigh on the bad news front.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

The access to knowledge of our background through DNA is a marvelous thing. My husband, whose grandparents came from Poland, assumed he was Polish. It turns out he is more Finnish and German.


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