Monday, April 6, 2015

We're going on an egg hunt...

Easter brunch food:  2 kinds of quiches, Italian meats and cheeses, bagels, 3 kinds of cream cheese, latkes, fruit, salad and dessert cakes. Had 2 vases of flowers to make things more festive. Will have leftovers here for the next few days

Naomi and Josh hid the eggs  Kids were released stepwise according to age. More successful egg hunters were persuaded to share their bounty

Once the other house is sold, will concentrate on reworking this room

Steve took about 10 of these: so hard to have them all smiling and looking in the same direction. Settled instead for having all their eyes open

we have a photo when Maya was a newborn and Daniel was 10 months lying next to each other. He looked so huge compared to spindly Maya. She's caught up in height. Baby Allie will probably surpass them both. She's finally growing hair in back but in the front, not so much

Josh teaching the boys the rules of some game

Steve's photos of the croci and the irises to follow much more detailed

The weather cooperated so the kids could comfortably do their egg hunt then run around outside. I brought the riding toys outside. The wind made it uncomfortable for the adults to stand around and watch so everyone went back inside. But the first big family meal in the new house worked out. We had gone out Saturday to buy new chairs so all the adults could sit in the dining room but alas, they won't be ready for pick up until tomorrow.

We must, as much as I hate to, focus on the old house for the next few weeks. We will paint the kitchen ourselves and do some minor touch-ups in some of the other rooms. We need to find a painter for the exterior and then a massive clean-up for the inside as there is drywall dust all over.

Later that evening, our House of Cards marathon continued. This season isn't as interesting as the previous ones. Before we started, we made a tour of the gardens with some guessing what each plant was. When all my dogwood and magnolias bloom, it will be so pretty. We watched the purple finch pair trying to find decent seed at the feeder. I will buy some today. I also want to get cushions for all my outdoor seating but I suppose that could wait. It would be so much more fun than scraping paint.
This past weekend, I was successful ordering some photo things for the house. The ordering didn't take long but deciding among the many photos on what to use took forever. So hard to make a decision. So I will have a glass cutting board with a Venetian scene on it and  two canvases: one of the insides of San Vitale in Ravenna for the hallway and one of Venice at sunset for my breakfast nook.

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Elephant's Child said...

It looks like a good, albeit busy, day.
Hooray for leftovers.


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