Sunday, April 5, 2015

All my Easter eggs in one basket

Hope the kids like special French Easter eggs

A povitica: Slovenian for walnut nut roll. Only this one is apple cinnamon as we have people coming over with nut allergies
Since we are having some Passover treats at our brunch today, it would be fitting to have some Eastern European delights. They make this nut roll in Poland but Julie's dad forgot the name. And as it turns out, it is completely different that the Croatian/Slovenian one
Things are in the oven: a lull before I get busy again. Two kinds of crustless quiche (taking most of the labor out of it), bagels, latkes, salads, lots of lunch stuff from the Italian market including smoked salmon spread. Steve got some lox too though I argued that the salmon spread was real similar. For dessert, an Italian Easter cake.

Hopefully it will be warm enough for the Easter egg hunt outside.

egg collectors

Italian Easter Cake aka a Colomba: it's supposed to be the shape of a cross.....


Elephant's Child said...

Busy, busy, busy - and it all looks delectable.
I hope your day was filled with love and laughter.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

We had nice weather. The kids enjoyed the Easter Hunt. Must make it more challenging for the older kids next year. It was fun to see the kids enjoy themselves. Photos tomorrow.


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