Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Russian Spam

Coney Island photos taken last March a few blocks from where Steve grew up

I loved that scene in Annie Hall where they show the Woody Allen character growing up underneath the Cyclone. That was outside Steve's window. Lots of noise competing with the 3 lines of elevated trains, car alarms, and trash containers being plopped down from 6 feet

On the Boardwalk
Every morning I open my Blogger Spam comments  files to find 10-20 contributions from Russia and the Ukraine with broken English false praise and then a request to visit their virus filled website. My favorite today is a request for how to get rid of spam comments. I never respond and hit the delete all. So far Blogger has been good about putting the spam in the spam files and the good ones in the awaiting moderation files. As the language is so similar in many of requests, I am assuming that just a few individuals are responsible. Blogger should completely block them.

Photos above I took when we visited Steve's old neighborhood last year. Now the signs on the street are in Cyrillic. His neighborhood is now called Little Odessa. I am always interested in trying new cuisines. A while back we went to one of the many Russian restaurants that have popped up and were served fetid chicken backs. Gone were the many Jewish delis.

Not sure why spam is called spam. I was served Spam often as a child. My mom would plop the can, opened with a key, on to a plate, the pink contents glistening in gelatin that looked like mucus and she would slice it up and fry it. It had a very funky taste and texture.

My lunch was cancelled due to probable norovirus, fortunately not on my part. It was cold and windy making entertaining Maya last night less fun because I couldn't keep her outside that long.

I should go to the old house today and do work. How this hangs over my head.

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