Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jeepers Peepers

Blue angel: found on my bike ride

Maya peddling her police car ala Fred Flintstone on our brick paths

Another mailbox for my files

hyacinth with early morning light shining through it

Took a long walk to the local wildlife sanctuary

Decided to make a collage of last week's bird visitors
We had Maya shortly after we awoke as it was a busy day for her mama. Fortunately it was beautiful out; much easier to entertain her outside than inside. After riding around our paths and driveways in her Little Tykes vehicle, we went for a long walk (2.5 miles) down the woodsy, deserted roads near here. In the wetlands, the peepers are still trilling. I wanted her to hear them. She wanted to see these frogs but that is close to impossible. When the bigger frogs begin their spring songs, we will have a better chance, Being very still, we could hear various birds too: the wood peckers, chickadees, and the red winged blackbirds. She wanted to see deer (though there are 3 carcasses in various states of
decay) but I only see them about 30% of the time.

Her bus picks her up for her afternoon school session near the old house. I spent an unhappy hour gathering things and throwing things away before returning for my bike ride. The wind has picked up quite a bit. I started into the wind but it was very fun coming back.


Elephant's Child said...

Another very busy day for you.
Love your birds - and the blue angel is quite a sight. Is it as large as it appears?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

it is about 4 feet tall.


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