Monday, April 27, 2015

Mighty white

magnolias on campus. I have two trees on my property but they have not bloomed yet. I was told because they are young trees

art work that Josh gave me for my birthday to replace my huge needlepoint sampler

pretty butterfly garden stake a friend gave me along with lots of other goodies

Allie taking a turn in the Fred Flintstone car

deer in the middle of the day

shrimp with cheesy grits and kale; Josh's birthday brunch for me

recently remodeled restaurant we ate at on campus

Maya Lin's Wave field with Josh and Allie

beautiful sunset Saturday night

Allie's first ride in the bike trailer. She loved it

Tulips are starting to bloom here
We were watching old Big Bang Theory episodes the other day when one of the characters used the title expression. The joke was that she had no idea that this was a racist utterance. These words often came from my father's mouth, one of his tamer epithets but surprisingly, Steve had never heard these words. Is saying That was mighty white of you a Michigan expression? I doubt the show's writers were from Michigan though. As most idioms, it is a strange choice of words. Using mighty as an adverb seems so archaic. The best use of the expression is when a person tosses a half eaten apple to a homeless person and expects all sorts of gratitude for his largesse. This is  apparently something white people do.

More racism. Steve, Josh, Julie, Allie and I were driving through North Campus yesterday and I suggested we stop at Maya Lin's Wave Field.  This was installed 20 years ago and despite it being about 2 miles from our house, he never saw it. Not that they have any signs; it is quite hidden. Lin, as a 21 year old student, won a blind competition for the design of the Viet Nam Memorial in DC. When it was discovered that the winner was an Chinese American, all sorts of racist outrage ensued with the logic: these men were killed by Asians and now an Asian gets to design the Memorial? Ross Perot described her as An Eggroll. Charming. Josh said he wasn't getting out of the car to look at clumps of grass. Fine, but I am taking Allie out. I played the birthday card. Allie did enjoy trying to run over the hills. UM needs to cut the grass (and who am I to say which grass needs cutting? a battle is brewing what should be done at the old house). From the photos, you can see Josh did get out of the car.

Last week was birthday week. I think it is over. A good friend took me to a very nice dinner Saturday night and gave me lots of thoughtful presents. On my birthday, Josh sent me a whole variety of potential art pieces to replace my homemade stuff (which he thinks is awful) and I was to choose. The result is pictured somewhere above. After our brunch, we gave Allie her first bike ride in my garage sale trailer. She kept pounding her knuckles together (sign language for more).

Carpentry work is finally finished at the Money Pit. Biggest job this weekend was the dismantling of the shed. Painters come soon. Lawn stuff needs to be done. Some plumbing issue needs to be addressed and then clean-up. Then maybe we can put it n the market and hopefully be done with it.

The weekend was sunny but cool. I could bicycle in relative comfort. More flowers are blooming and I see I have the beginnings of a purple azalea. The first of hundreds of tulips finally opened up. It is fun seeing what I have.

Today I meet a friend at her son's restaurant. Last night we watched the final episodes of House of sympathetic characters at all.

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