Thursday, April 16, 2015

Driving confused

the deserted road I found the lost lady on today
Maya on the balance bike the other evening. I think her helmet may be on backwards

Eating farfalle and spinach
While on my run on the country road today, a very distraught older lady pulled her car up beside me.

I need help.

She was very confused. She could not tell me where she wanted to go nor was she familiar with any of the roads around where we were including the two big state trunk lines that were each about a mile away. After much questioning, she decided it would be best to go back to her home, which was a senior citizen's place. She could not tell me the street it was on or any street it was near. She did know it was in Plymouth. As she was pointed in the opposite direction, I told her the first thing she needed to do was turn around and then I told her how to get to downtown Plymouth. Hopefully something there would jar her memory. Neither of us had a phone nor did she have a map. She did NOT turn around making me very nervous as she would only get more lost. I should have known she was not capable of following directions if she could not tell me what street she lived on. What should I have done? I guess drive her to my house, call the facility, drive her there and have Steve pick me up. I was a half hour from home (running).I did call the place when I got back and described her as best as I could (she was so tiny and cute; I didn't think she looked much older than me). I could not describe her car. I urged the manager to call her relatives to convince her to give up driving.

I know it is easy for anyone to get lost on all these deserted country roads near us but the scary thing was she couldn't remember what street she lived on.

What's on my agenda today? A visit with my primary as apparently this is necessary to get my drugs. I do have a medical mystery to discuss with him but am hesitant because the coding for a well visit (free) turns quickly into a diagnostic visit (not free). I do love medical mysteries but not when they happen to me.

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Elephant's Child said...

That poor woman. I hope she was found safely.
Good luck with your visit to the medicos. I avoid them when I can.


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