Saturday, April 11, 2015

Creative mailboxes, etc

While running in our neighborhood the other day, I came across this one, surprised I had not noticed it before
So I made a collage of the mailboxes that are on my running paths Yep, this what I should be spending my time doing
Later, a friend and I went out for sushi. I love how pretty the black rice roll is

yellow crocus
Windy, windy, windy. It knocked one of my glass pretties down to the ground smashing it to bits. It kept the birds away as it was too hard to fly to my feeder (they are all here now, bright and early). Forget about biking; and I decided not to even try to run.

Back to the Money Pit to meet with professional painters this time instead of that crazy old man.

Reason number infinity why should not have let him near our house: He turned on the garbage disposal maybe thinking it was a light and left it on!!! Maybe he was too old to hear it but now, a dead disposal. More $$$$$$.

And since it has been raining so much, the outside will have to wait though they can finish the inside soon. So at best, early May to get the Money Pit on the market.

We stayed a while with me throwing many things away. I did bring some stuff back to the house but haven't the heart to take it out of the car and  unload it. Steve thinks it should all go straight to the trash and maybe he's right. I will sort through it all today but after I run and bike.
What I missed last night: the Fool Moon parade full of creative luminaries. Pouring rain: it was hard even driving back from our restaurant. Ann Arbor does have some cool stuff (this photo from AA News). Today it was judged to have the 3rd hottest real estate market in the country. We will see what that translates to personally.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love the quirky mailboxes. We are dull and boring here.


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