Thursday, April 2, 2015

Balance bikes

Where to display my orangish pink antique milk glass? Eventually I will find some sort of white wicker shelving unit to display things. Next to my antique floral box, in my cheap IKEA frames, I have my hand painted water colors of the Cinque Terre towns bought from the artist on the steps leading up to
Corniglia. I bought 3. Wish I bought the whole set and more. This is a scene of Monterosso
Back in the old hood, a 3 year old whizzed by our house frequently on a balance bike. It is propelled by kicking. Eventually the child develops a feel for keeping balanced and then can graduate to the more difficult job of pedaling while balancing. This particular child learned quickly. I immediately ordered one for my crew. It has taken a while for Maya who is probably too big for it. She had been kicking it around in our basement but as big as that is, there's not enough space to build up momentum before having to turn. Also it helps to have some slight downhills.

Finally suitable outdoor weather.! Near sixty and windless! I hadn't got a chance all day to be outside as we were dealing with a sick baby. Meanwhile Steve was quite burnt out with childcare (he had Maya last night) so I kept Maya outside, which she loved. We worked on the balance bike. She especially loved going down our slight slant of a driveway so now she is coasting finally getting the hang of it. Part of the problem is knowing where to look. She either looks at her feet or all around, everywhere except straight ahead, as grandma coach kept reminding her.

As our neighborhood is very small, there is little traffic so we went for a walk with her kicking the balance bike along. A new house is being built right across the street. It is finally taking shape as a stucco covered California style mansion. I stopped to talk to a man taking photos of it. Yes he was the owner and anticipates moving in in 3 months. Houses take so long to build. He had sold his other house long ago. The new house had to be redesigned considerably because there is a flood plain nearby. Argh! First time  I heard of that. I assumed he was about 20 years younger than me but as his kids are older than mine, I really suck at guessing ages (no I didn't ask him; I only asked if he had kids).

Then Maya and I went to play with the young mom's next door toddler and border collie. Maya has acute stranger anxiety. Although the little girl came up only to her waist, she was terrified of her. The little girl was thrilled and followed Maya around closely. Maya was more comfortable throwing a ball for the dog.

It will be warmer today but windy and rainy. It felt so good to be outside last evening though.
The balance bike with helmet in background. I wish I took a photo of Maya riding it. She looked so cute with the rainbow helmet

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Elephant's Child said...

I don't think we had balance bikes. Training wheels, which were taken off when we had the knack. And sometimes put back again...


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