Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rescue bunny: rescue daughter; rescue tulips; rescue me

chickadee enjoying one of the bird baths. It has been so dry here, it dries up fast

somehow this little guy found its way into Shanna's basement. New houses are built so air tight that they need big cold air returns to equalize pressure. My guess is that it lacks a screen

some of my daffodils in the morning light

weird flower that appeared yesterday

one of my new pots that reminds me of Parc Guell in Barcelona. One of my retirement projects was to construct these myself but that didn't happen

These tulips don't open until the afternoon but still look pretty
Yesterday was a very busy day as today will be. It cracks me up when people say they wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they retired as I haven't even begun to do anything I had previously planned.

This was yesterday:

9-10: run

10-11: bike

11-12: go out to lunch. In the middle of that, Naomi calls all panicky because she is locked out of the house. Maya's backpack is inside the house with her bus pass. She needs it ASAP. Please come with a key. Fortunately we are 2 miles away. Eat my food while Steve's food goes cold as he rescues her.

12-2: Go to old house. Very depressing. Yard is overgrown; flower beds full of weeds. Do yard work for 2 hours while Steve fixes a few things inside. Note my tulips are mostly eaten by rabbits so I dig up the bulbs and their chewed up leaves to transplant in my relatively rabbit free environment here. Also rescue a peony. Only make a small dent in what needs to be done. Leave because I am overdressed, hot and tired

2-4: transplant tulips and peony. Note weeds in paradise and deal with them. Note everything is bone dry. Turn on water; nothing happens. Send Steve down to deal with shut off valves. We are not the kind of people who should have bought a house full of these complicated systems. The outside water has about 4 different valves. I had hoped he would have asked questions of the inspector and the sellers and take notes but he didn't feel he needed the hearing aids and now is clueless. The outside water comes directly from the well and is not treated. Inside water goes through a rust abatement system and a softener system. Drinking water goes through a reverse osmosis system. Well water seems really rusty. The hose only reaches half of my plants. Didn't we just buy a brand new hose for the new house and not use it there? Was it moved? Did that f***ing painter take it? I will check again at the old house today as the garbage, compost and recycle bins (4 total) need to be taken in. I fill up a 2 gallon pitcher repeatedly from the tap on the other side of the house. A blast of air in the pipes make me scrap my knuckle against the bricks and I bleed profusely for the next hour.

4-5: finally take a shower and then chill on my comfy front porch while sipping wine. Can't even think about getting up to make dinner so Steve does it.

What's up today? Soon I will be heading across town to Maya's school for an IEP meeting. She gets special services and each year that needs to be reassessed. Meetings are so full of jargon and BS that Naomi needs a translation. I need a translation but I have had lots of experience and I question everything. Then a stop at the old house to deal with all those bins and look for a hose. I should water stuff back there as it was very dry. It will be warm and windless today, perfect for a bike ride so I will do that. Meanwhile Steve will be shopping as we have little food in the house. I made a list this morning.  If I have time, maybe I will set up my waterfall for my patio. This involves setting up a pump, yet another system.

Later a good friend comes over. I plan to sit outside with her and chill.

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