Sunday, April 12, 2015

More pretties

We took Allie to a nearby park. It was in the 60s. We couldn't stay there long as someone forgot to bring sun screen

In the morning, there was frost. 33 when I started my bike ride but the temp quickly rose

I liked this eagle carving I found on my bike ride this morning. Went by a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired mailbox but I didn't stop as I was going down a steep hill 

Easter bush I found on my bike ride yesterday. Today Is Orthodox Easter (Shanna's family's Easter)

Firepit, present from Shanna, assembled yesterday


Allie and Josh

more pretties
A perfect day for a longish bike ride, though a bit chilly at the start. 20 miles! Would have been easier had I sufficient air in my tires (will fix that tomorrow). Not long after I returned, Josh and Allie paid a visit. It was sunny and calm. Off we went to a nearby park. Lots of families enjoying the warmth. And tonight, more binge watching of House of Cards. A good day.

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Elephant's Child said...

Lots and lots of pretties. Thank you.


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