Monday, March 2, 2015


Our state buried under ice: photo Ann Arbor News
Another crummy storm is coming  tomorrow. They are reaching the end of the alphabet with these storms. This one shouldn't be too snowy but could be icy. However today was nice. I have adjusted my expectations to consider 25 degrees almost tropical.

I keep busy. Today's task: hang up all my clothes that up to now have been boxed up. We have lots of closet space. The walk-in closet alone is the size of one of our old bedrooms.

Naomi got an automated call at 4 am to say that although there will be school, there will be no buses. Maya's school is completely across town. Does our newspaper have a story on this? Nope, they decided to go with Shinola opens a store. Wouldn't people be curious to know why their kids don't have buses? Later they did put up some kind of story. I went to the AAPS webpage. Across it is some mission statement about 'transparency'. But under announcements, they wrote no buses EXCEPT for special ed and preschoolers. No further explanation or whether this was a one day thing or not. I told Naomi to call to see if this were true. Yep Maya had a school bus.

The school district keeps trying to privatize each function. Bus drivers were privatized long ago but with their low wages, they often just quit leaving buses with no drivers. They are canceling the current group's contract.

My other task was to question the health insurance about coverage for my possible boob repair. It will be covered after a huge deductible but I had to check to see if the plastic surgeon was in -network. These phonecalls ended up taking 2 hours. How my day was spent. I also changed my phone number at several places.

We did change our address at the post office some time ago but piles of it were found at the old house. Steve went in to complain. Plus there was a note from a neighbor who accidentally opened our mail that was delivered to her. Dyslexic mailperson.

Steve asked if I am happy I moved. I think I will be more relaxed when the other house is gone but until then, it seems our life is on hold. The house is gradually shaping up. Maybe tomorrow, I will tackle my office.

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Elephant's Child said...

On hold? Your life seems to be way to busy for that to be the right description.
Good luck.


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