Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thar be dragons!

another cute mailbox in a fancy sub near us

in that same sub
Out my window I see my feathery pine bending in the wind (need to consult tree book; some sort of scotch pine with yellowish green long needles). Today would not be a good day for a bike ride but yesterday was perfect. I went too far east (traffic increases quite a bit) but I discovered a new to me paved road that might become part of a regular route. Also I paid a visit to one of the very few businesses near me: The Rock Shoppe. As the name implies, there are piles and piles of rocks and boulders. This is the place to go for landscape rocks. They have very limited hours in the off season but they let me look around even though I was there after hours. I had said something about living near there and they said they had guessed that. Oh because I came on a bike? I do have a long range....

Aside from the rocks, they have a statuary selection. Josh had previously hinted his house would be complete if he had a statue. Like an angel? No...he wanted a dragon. And if there were no dragons, maybe a gargoyle. Too bad his taste doesn't run towards angels and cherubs because they had quite the collection.  But there were a few dragons. It is his birthday today. I wanted to make sure that this dragon would be suitable for him and his wife (I didn't want her to nix it) so I sent him some candidates.

His favorite dragon?
Not sure this is a real dragon but a cross between a lizard, lion and a bat. Got to consult my mythical creatures book
I was told they were expecting a shipment of new dragons soon but his birthday is today so we will pick this up (if we can!) later.

I returned from my ride finally hungry. I am usually hungry and way too thrilled to see food. What is wrong with me? As a kid, Halloween meant so much more to me than the other kids who were happy to slowly collect candy for an hour or two and then call it quits. I would run from house to house until the last possible moment to collect as much as possible. I am glad that my kids didn't inherit this. I am not sure what they did inherit; not my blood type, not my looks and all three of them are so different. I see certain personality traits in them though that are more like me than like Steve, Josh being the most like me.

 I had fueled my bike ride on 2 pieces of toast and some coffee. Anything more seemed repulsive. I felt good on the ride despite the empty belly. I come home to find Steve sitting on our porch (a front porch was a must for him..the other house that we had the contract had no front porch) enjoying the rare warmth though it never reached 70 as promised (and now back into the cold for the next 10 days).  So I was able to eat half of a sandwich and later some soup. I am about healed from yet another round of norovirus.

This is birthday month with Josh's, Tessa's, and Naomi's (and a very good friend's too). This is how I remember my son as the most. This large man whose head hits the top of our back-up shower some how has taken his place.



Elephant's Child said...

January is our birthday month.
Happy birthday to all of yours - and I am with Josh. I have a big weakness for dragons and would choose them over cherubs every time.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Later today I delivered Fiona the dragon to Josh (that's what the tag said...he was going to name his baby Fiona until he was overruled but now he has a dragon with its name). He had told some of his friends he was getting a dragon for his birthday and someone said he needs a wizard. There was an Ex Caliber there


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